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I love you Chocolate Cake

Heart Shape chocolate cake with your personalized message. Kindly mention message and Flavours while..

Rs.1,075 Ex Tax: Rs.1,075

1 Kg Cake and Card

Send Midnight cakes to Coimbatore. We deliver cakes at Midnight in Coimbatore. Send your dear ones..

Rs.1,450 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450

15 Carnation Flowers with Chocolates

Dairy Milk Chocolates and 15 mixed colour Carnation Flowers arranged in a basket is a be..

Rs.1,050 Ex Tax: Rs.1,050

20 Colorful Gerberas Bunch

Need to send colourful flowers to your Friends or loved ones? looking for something cheap and B..

Rs.675 Ex Tax: Rs.675

20 Red Roses Bunch

20 Red Roses bunch is a awesome gift to your loved ones...

Rs.599 Ex Tax: Rs.599

Anniversary Red velvette cake

Red-brown and Crimson-colored chocolate cake layered with ermine icing.  The red color of velve..

Rs.1,700 Ex Tax: Rs.1,700
Badam cake New

Badam cake

Badam Cakes are made with the best quality nuts, including peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and pasta mix..

Rs.1,885 Ex Tax: Rs.1,885

Birthday Pista cake

Made from Pistachios mixed with the cake batter, this cake gives an exotic taste and a green-tinted..

Rs.1,775 Ex Tax: Rs.1,775
Brownie mountain cake New

Brownie mountain cake

Premium quality chocolate cake topped with chocolate brownies, cherries, and chocolate sauce to loo..

Rs.1,475 Ex Tax: Rs.1,475

Butterscotch ball cake

Cake layers are made with brown sugar, which is the primary ingredient for butterscotch. The cake i..

Rs.1,475 Ex Tax: Rs.1,475
Cat Red velvette cake New

Cat Red velvette cake

Red velvet cake shaped like a cat for cat lovers or the birthday of your cat pet-friend. Made just l..

Rs.2,475 Ex Tax: Rs.2,475
Cherry  Top in cake New

Cherry Top in cake

Chocolate cake dressed with chocolate sauce layered with chocolate crème with a cherry on top to ad..

Rs.1,475 Ex Tax: Rs.1,475
Choco Chip Truffle Cake New

Choco Chip Truffle Cake

Chocolate truffle cake made from premium-quality chocolate and iced with chocolate chips. Best suit..

Rs.1,475 Ex Tax: Rs.1,475

Choco Fudge cake

choco Fudge cake is single-layered dense cakes made from premium quality chocolate and is served wit..

Rs.1,625 Ex Tax: Rs.1,625
Choco Vanilla Cream cake New

Choco Vanilla Cream cake

Chocolate cake made with chocolate and vanilla crème with layers of cake and sauce. This cake has a..

Rs.1,275 Ex Tax: Rs.1,275